We will work closely with you to develop your annual strategic marketing plan. Allow us to create a unique and personalized marketing plan that will meet your business needs and support you in the execution all year around.


Let us offer you our experience in content creation and management. Take advantage of a personalized and local service that is relevant to your hotel, so that your brand and personality truly shine and reflect your own story.


Our knowledge of the industry and our privileged relationships will guide you in your approach to be strategic in your choices and ensure unparalleled outreach that will benefit you in the short, medium and long term.


The quality of the photos of your property is essential in order to properly represent the experience you offer. We will accompany you in the choice of the photographer, coordination of the photoshoot and we will be present during the session to make sure everything runs smoothly. Mostly, we will make sure your photos respect your brand's standards and tell your story.


Are you planning renovations? What a wonderful project! But most importantly, so many things to manage and think about! We will provide you with a marketing toolbox to ensure the seamless communication of your makeover before, during and after the work! This beauty should not go unnoticed!


Invest in your team. We can help you collaborate with your sales team to provide personalized weekly coaching, facilitate monthly meetings and organize the annual strategic retreat. Your team will be motivated, ready to take on the challenges that come their way!


Do you realize the impact that a professional event can have on your brand awareness? We will help you with the design of your event, management of the invitations in addition to logistics on site. Events are part of our DNA!


An infinite number of possibilities allows us to offer you an à-la-carte service, according to your needs.
Here are a few examples:
- Creative development
- Brand development
- Marketing and sales pitch presentation decks
- Website development for your outlets (restaurant, bars, spa) Etc.

Need for More?

Contact us to let us know your needs and it will be our pleasure to create a unique offer for you!